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renate martin & andreas donhauser

stage costume production design
scenography and designing knowledge

Kalmàn “Die Csardasfürstin”


alvar aalto theater, essen
premiere: 24. 10. 2010


musical director: stefan soltesz, volker perplies
stage director: michael sturminger
stage and costume: renate martin, andreas donhauser


composer: emmerich kálman
choreography: craig revel horwood


with: reinhard brussmann, ute zehlen, peter bording, francisca devos, andreas hermann, bea robein, mark weigel, michael haag, thomas sehrbrock et al…

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Press Review:
“With Michael Sturminger’s directing you quickly reach delicate and bitter areas. The Austrian, who is equally at home in the theater as in film the action was moved from the plush of the monarchy to the Nazi-occupied Budapest. Where originally class barriers where the issue – a vaudeville singer (The Csárdás princess) can not marry a prince – now threatened by racial laws a real dance on the edge. Stormy intensification lingers and pushes, with new dialogues that do well on little things as well as the piece as a whole, the Gypsy Princess from its carefree innocence to an incomprehensible story. That Sturminger gently suggests parallels to the family history of the Jewish composer Kálmán family, who emigrated in 1938 from Austria, might not be mandatory, but sharpens the view of fate, which is always individual. ”
WAZ, 23.03.2010
Dirk Aschendorf



csardas03: Albrecht Kludszuweit (Graf Boni Káncsiánu) und Günter Kiefer (Feri Kerekes, genannt Feri Bácsi). Fotograf: Harald Reusmann.

csardas04: Peter Bording (Edwin, beider Sohn) und Bea Robein (Sylva Varescu). Fotograf: Harald Reusmann.

csardas05: Bea Robein (Sylva Varescu), Peter Bording (Edwin, beider Sohn) und Mark Weigel (Eugen von Rohnsdorff). Fotograf: Harald Reusmann.

csardas06: Albrecht Kludszuweit (Graf Boni Káncsiánu) und Astrid Kropp-Menèndez (Komtesse Stasi, Nichte des Fürsten). Fotograf: Harald Reusmann.

csardas07: Peter Bording (Edwin, beider Sohn), Bea Robein (Sylva Varescu), Ute Zehlen (Anhilte, seine Frau) und Reinhard Brussmann (Leopold Maria, Fürst v. Lippert-Weylersheim). Fotograf: Harald Reusmann.

csardas08: Bea Robein (Sylva Varescu), Mitglieder der Essener Philharmoniker. Fotograf: Harald Reusmann.

csardas09: Peter Bording (Edwin, beider Sohn) und Bea Robein (Sylva Varescu). Fotograf: Harald Reusmann.

csardas10: Albrecht Kludszuweit (Graf Boni Káncsiánu). Fotograf: Harald Reusmann.

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