donmartin supersets
renate martin & andreas donhauser

stage costume production design
scenography and designing knowledge

das traumfresserchen


oper graz
premiere: 29. 11. 2009


stage&costume: renate martin, andreas donhauser
stage director: michael sturminger


composer: wilfried hiller / michael ende
musical director: massimo parise


In the Kingdom of Slumberland the most important sleeping. He who sleeps best, is king. Because Princess ≥Schlafittchen≈ is so curious, she opens the secret door to the basement, behind which the Dream Eater ≥Traumfresserchen≈ and sends it to the end of all the earth, because their parents forbid her to play with any ugliness. From now on, the royal family is plagued by nightmares and a revolutionary mood s spreading among the citizens of the Kindom of Slumberland. The only salvation is to bring back the Dream Eater ≥Traumfresserchen≈, but that only happens if one sings the right song.


with: martin fournier, sonia zlatkova, david mcshane, sieglinde feldhofer,
nikolina virgej, kathy neuland, theresa happel, balazs hulik, miki stojanov, stepan karelin

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das traumfresserchen, oper graz
stage&costume: renate martin, andreas donhauser

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