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Haydn “Il Mondo della Luna”


theater an der wien
premiere: 05. 12. 2009


stage: renate martin, andreas donhauser
musical director: nikolaus harnoncourt
stage director: tobias moretti


have you ever flown to the moon thanks to nothing more than the power of your own imagination? in the summer of 1777, joseph haydn sent the guests at the prince’s wedding in esterházy palace into the fantastic universe with the aid of their imagination, some 190 years before the first moon landing. for il mondo della luna he turned to a source that had already been successfully used for a number of operas and was written originally by the italian comic poet carlo goldoni. haydn created a work focusing on human longings, the fabled moon and a world turned on its head. (taken from theater an der wien press kit)


composer: joseph haydn
libretto: carlo goldoni
dramaturgy: sebastian huber
light: olaf winter
video: hamid reza tavakoll
costume: heidi hackl


with: dietrich henschl, bernard richter, vivica genaux, christina landshamer, anja nina bahrmann, malte beaumont, markus schäfer

pfeil 01 img:

anja nina bahrmann singing flaminia under M° nikolaus harnoncourt
emission on ORF austrian broadcasting corporation
musical director: nikolaus harnoncourt
stage director: tobias moretti
stage: renate martin, andreas donhauser


il mondo 01:

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all fotos: armin bardel ©2009 –

il mondo 10:

renate martin & andreas donhauser
discussing their work at a q&a at the theater an der wien

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