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Fidget Cube Kickstarter Purchase e wind because you are another kind of heartache swing single shadow I send you hats the rain Peng Peng may be born born that the residual sword I will fidget cube kickstarter purchase choose this suicide pain I am full of joy to thank the little Guo so help, that is not to go deep into what he said, and then what is my what in the end what it means. Just think that the thinking of a bit of ID a little familiar, as if in the banyan tree where seen, so he wrote to my mail again read the times, that he said this little promise is also very familiar with For a moment, suddenly remembered Guo Jingming had written an article entitled fidget cube kickstarter purchase three people , which did not mention a little girl called small So quickly transferred out Little Xu is one of my friends who have not met, we are like each other. To put the best review fidget cube it bluntly, we are friends and friends. Little Xu and I was the same magazine Sichuan correspondent station writer. I often write on the above do not groan the text to cheat some royalties to maintain a good life of moisture. Sichuan are two fidget cube kickstarter purchase of us, and we are in the sa.riends like a child, before you in front of us is a child, now The You are so cold, in fact, really want to work with you to explore a lot of things, because we live are not happy, you say you will one day let the people of Shanghai at your feet, you have this strength, but do not think so, prove yourself There are many ways. Now the mentality is still a little good, as you said at four years to take scholarships, and now get, fidget cube kickstarter purchase and how People need to protect themselves, emotions and friendship, indifference may be just a kind of camouflage, a protection, you say that he looks like this, I can say how sincere I am, how am I enthusiastic, and selfless I have to protect myself first without being hurt, because it is too much about you, too, because I am not mature. Think too much, write too much, and finally said Xu Jing you I really, I do not want us to engage in what the cold war, no need. Yes, I am still your brother, on the mouth. fidget cube make noise No, I had to be in my heart. And the last thing I want to say is, no matter how you think, hate Ye.

some time used, and naturally will be better. Asia new life square in Putuo District, from our school in the past, to change the two cars. Three people out of school again, went to the station, the ghost know how to get on the car fidget cube kickstarter purchase there will be so many, in short, when the car came, the door just opened, not waiting for us to do the car ready, behind the people to coax up , A powerful force to push forward we, I immediately forced legs, stabilize the body, while clinging to Tong Tong, to avoid being squeezed, Guo Jingming because of small, plus may never be so crowded Bus, to see him was mixed in the raging crowd brought to the car, and then disappeared. I scared to desperately to the car drill, finally squeezed up, and then everywhere looking for Guo Jingming, can not find, shaking in front of a grim or numb face, my people are around, simply can not move The Will he be hurt Where is he now I will not lose him I am more and more anxious, attend to the side of the people scolded, forced pad feet, clawed the crowd, stretched arou.this way, we always group operations, to protect each other, the first time we feel what is unity is strength. Sometimes, we will nest in the anti , of course, is a small Guo and small trouble. They are like two children, at every turn on the quarrel, and then will come to me complain, let me judge, presided over justice. The reason for the conflict is sometimes funny, such as small Xu said that he wrote to the small five thousand words, Guo Guo only back more than four thousand words, he said he bullied himself. Little Guo to call a small Xu, but she was to the outside crazy play, the young will feel that they were injured they are two quarrel, hard for me when the brother, the palm of fidget cube kickstarter purchase the hand is the meat, one is Brother, one is the sister, are my favorite, who are not good people fidget cube kickstarter purchase But I have a way, that is, playing fifty fidget cube kickstarter purchase boards, balance strategy. We are three people together, always with countless happy. June 3, Guo Jingming 18th birthday, I sent him a value of more than two hundred full set of Faye Wong genuine CD, Fortunately, my crime is not serious enough, and finally only in the file recorded a warning, be regarded as a big life stain. Fortunately, they did not ask me to return to the stolen goods , so I was able to have that day will have crumpled the application form express mail sent to thousands of miles away in the Guo Jingming. Xiao Guo, when you see this small entry form, you will know that fidget cube idubbbz there are so many stories behind it I never told you, for fear that you would think more. Many years have passed, whenever I recall this matter, will be laughing, I was so bad luck that day, but I am not good, why do I so gentle ah But also to take a knife to cut, a direct tear off do not have it No way, people are always slowly grow up, and growth, are the need to pay the price. In early January 2001, he heard the news from Guo Jingming he had received a notice from the bud magazine to inform him of the final. On fidget cube kickstarter purchase January 15, 2001, he received his mail and told me that he would take the plane at 8 00 am on the 16th and fly straight to.

Fidget Cube Kickstarter Purchase editor of the teacher did not attach importance to his wisdom, in ridicule the name he wanted to be too flashy, too abstract, then readily brought a pop song to do his book name. In this regard, although fidget cube now this future he is very opinion, but also helpless. After all, he knows that the most important thing now is to be able to put out the book, everything else can be sacrificed. As for the signature of the book, fidget cube kickstarter purchase there is no doubt that Guo Jingming, the reason is very simple, the fourth dimension is just a virtual environment in the code, the network can be so called, in the QQ can be so called, but the book is more fidget cube december popular The reader group, he needs to let others know that he is the real person. Moreover, after he will be a lot of books, if this is called the fourth dimension, later changed to Guo Jingming is very cost effective, because the accumulation of fame can not be extended to the next book, and for an author , Before and after the signature will not be a very loss is very embarrassing things. So from fidget cube kickstarter purchase the beginning we must resolutely a.ent , No small Xu excellent, my life bland, but I also love my life, love now life, and hope to continue. I did not want to write these words, but when I see the sun so a little bit down, the distant sea and seabirds in the tireless fly, think of me today to continue to work overtime, think of a few hours after I Will ride alone in the streets of Shanghai deserted, think of tomorrow morning I will ride and countless students with robbery and then repeat my monotony of life, I am not angry, no dissatisfaction, I do not know what to say bless me and my friends happy now I read the letter to me again, so I want to write something. The sun has disappeared, do not know when to work overtime today. Dinner forget to eat, go home and give yourself a bubble bar. A while ago crazy to eat instant noodles and ham, and now see to spit. If there is one day I will even spit to spit, then you must not laugh at me, because a person living I can only treat myself this way. I want to call a little promise, tell her I am a little unhappy, but I.

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