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Fidget Cube In India the fate of some people will change I do not know how to say this is not too much boasted. But I now think back, really feel amazing. Why i will suddenly see this novel Why do I know Guo Jingming Why would i recommend it to Guo Jingming I do not know, I only know that some things you once done, it will have a lot of chain consequences, there may be very good, there may be soon. In short, in May 2003, I in the budding of the surprise added to see Guo Jingming serial dream of how much , when I see this novel inside the familiar language, familiar with the name, even A lot of familiar story of the plot, that moment I really mixed feelings, I did not because Guo Jingming fidget cube in india style change and the slightest joy, but feel a little angry. How could he do that What is this Is it too big for him to do it He is not afraid of others say what he But it is only a little angry, I do not have a lot of other ideas, I can have any ideas He is so smart that he knows everything about himself. No matter what he does, how to do, how can we friends in or your work is his product. In fact, this is nothing wrong, but also a certainty for yourself, but I personally think that this is not fidget cube in india very suitable for you, because he greatly hindered your creative line, which is the most terrible. Because you are still a student, perhaps the reputation and money for you is not the most important, and your style has not yet formed, if any article so that they modify, it is a very cruel thing, is not it To know that, in my understanding, banyan tree after more concerned about how to profit, and business fidget cube So, my opinion is appropriate to retain, because I have been convinced that by virtue of your talent, Sooner or later things, if given a care, not only for learning, their own creation is not good. This is my personal thoughts, may be narrow some, you can make reference, but I care about you, filled with words, you will appreciate the. You are an assertive person, no matter how, choose their own, it succeeded. A grass June 18, 2001 Off the computer, I suddenly a little sad, how under the b.

assembly line, I grew more and more is not the taste, the last one This is not ah, I have to ask the young man in the end is how the matter, but I have the responsibility Yeah, if that I used to his brother Identity is not enough reason to ask fidget cube nowthis his feelings of life, then now, as a small brother, I am duty bound. I advise Guo Jingming girlfriend to leave him Is not that I think this time very funny, how can I be so boring it What do you want to plug in Yes, now I am naturally the same as you, with the most vicious language will have their own behavior to despise, but then I do not know, but feel the responsibility of the major, with the Sherlock Holmes like the results to the final question did not clear, but Got into the endless trouble, really funny. In short, the day I was lying in bed thinking, scratching for more than half an hour, finally found a feeling, and then immediately with an anxious attitude, a elders concerned about the mentality of the younger generation, the central state of sympathy to Guo Jingming wrote a Sinc.lationship between the past few years, after all, get along for several years, On the upcoming separation, and then cold blooded people will not give up. So we began fidget cube in india to eat a variety of names frequently scattered rice, before eating excitement, eating excitement, after eating crying. In the graduation break up this matter, relative to the students almost crazy excitement, my attitude will have to be much more rational, although the flow of a lot of tears, but definitely not make trouble, not like fidget cube shop some guys fidget cube in india by worry about alcohol and then drink Drunk into the kettle to the downstairs also feel that this behavior is very chic. I am quiet reading, writing, and child boy love, as I have to write a small Guo Xiaoxiao mial. I tried to keep this calm to the graduation day, and then quietly bid farewell to my student career. But, my little wish is still soon to be broken, at the beginning of June, I suddenly received the company personnel phone, let me immediately start internship. Although I am a thousand reluctantly, but also helpless.made past. The next morning will receive Guo Jingming s reply A grass How quickly back to Shanghai Do not blame me recently did fidget cube in india not contact you, I know this semester fidget cube in india you should be busy with your graduation thing, so a lot of things I dare not bother you. See your letter after I feel very heavy, did not think you have so much sadness can fidget cube in india not be released, if you want to cry, then you do not simmering, because the feeling of tears like a lingering, pain pain. My recent state is not very good, every day there is no test of the test. I am always in the heart of the displaced life, rush to the late man, and then the next day holding a lot of books to test. I will always see a lot of hallucinations in the night, psychedelic colors, like Van Gogh s blue iris. I always tell myself not to be lonely to be happy, to look sunny, but many times the tears are always big stars fall off. Maybe I really should not refuse to grow up, a person can not be like Peter Pan always be a child. But the day I see little prince when I really cry. In fact.

Fidget Cube In India t get angry, I I saw a grass sad to become a balloon, said I was Xu Jing bully Xu Jing Guessly stood behind him holding a needle to say brother brother good, not gas, and then kiss, my brother. After my sister is not around you, you have to obediently, do not let other girls sad for you. Goodbye, my brother, I have now cried, I do not want to leave you, leave the network, but I had to go. I do not want to leave Guo, but his actions really make me sad, and now his life is not just me a girl, he has completely changed, do not say, bless all of you happy. Stupid March 21, 2002 It should be said, Xu Jing, the contents of this letter is not contrary to my expectations, it is too consistent with her personality. I do not know why she suddenly thought to say goodbye, but I knew she would not really go away, she will at most for an ID re appear on the network, appeared in front of us. Her so fidget cube in india called farewell is only a whim, that this is very vicissitudes, more is expected to let us pay more attention to her, care about he.o you call people small A guy Yeah, I really have no opinion on him, you have to believe fidget cube in india me. And then carefully study, you will find that this little A almost with all of Guo Jingming do not have and desire to have the state Small A is very optimistic, Guo Jingming is always pessimistic to bow to walk, or, on the rise of 45 degrees looking at the sky cumulonimbus cloud. Small A very assertive, Guo Jingming in order to choose liberal arts and science can hesitate a summer can not choose. Small A is very independent, Guo Jingming is always like a child like a fetter, want to do anything can not do, do not want to do anything, but why do not catch the ducks to be forced to do. Small A is very free, Guo Jingming is empty a lot of dreams, can be thought to go where can not go, can only be extremely sad. In short, through a small A, we can more clearly see Guo Jingming s pain and frustration, but also can see Guo Jingming s outstanding and proud. The two of them are fidget cube in india like the street lights that are echoed first and foremost. Regardless.

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