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Fidget Cube How To Use This magazine you always know it, this year, no, should be last year, this fidget cube how to use magazine hired me to do their column writer People, and then they hired a small Xu, the whole of Sichuan on the two of us, so we quickly met, and write each other, became a pen pal, every time we will write very long thick letter, then we start On the network exchange, I and the small Xu style is like, the character is also very co production, anyway, is the kind of thought at first sight, then we were surprised to find that we are actually Zigong, the relationship naturally into a layer. Xu said she was a boy, because she was one year older than me, I fidget cube how to use trust her, called her brother, as I am now on your feelings, I have any words are willing to tell her, I feel this feeling is Warm, very safe, but one day, she suddenly wrote to tell me that she was a girl, after she actually has been lying to me, I can not stand someone else to deceive me, that someone was playing when very funny, I immediately cry A time, although I attach great importance to her friend.d sincere to each other. And these two years, we grew up, mature, can not be the first sincere, and each other have happened too many things, there are scores, there are retaliation. But four years ago, we really looked forward to each other and became good friends, and convinced that we were about to face, is the eternal friendship and immortal moved. Chapter 8 Shanghai meet again in the middle of the night peek at his face February 2, 2002, the fourth new concept essay contest final in Shanghai third female high school. Four days ago, that is, January 30, 2002 I received Guo Jingming phone, was told he will be at noon on the 31st plane to Shanghai, let me go to Hongqiao International Airport pick up. A grass, we will soon be able to meet the oh. Guo Jingming s voice is still very soft and very light, but which revealed the joy but show no doubt. Haha, so well, new arrival fidget cube I wait for this day is really dead, I really miss you. I found that I talked more and more nauseating Guo Jingming. Do not care about you, since so I want to come to the.

magination is unparalleled, it is true that you are very good, it is also true, but you are not happy, fidget cube how to use not happy, it is a fact. In front of so many facts, you do not even cry the power and strength, is not it I think of last year in Shanghai, when you know that you test the first time in the side of the complaint why is the first You always want to understand a lot of things, so you will ask why, then someone else stunned. Because the first so that you are too high, so you lose the possibility of other more happy, I still remember a small Xu said to me, Yan song is not happy in the school, because many people do not play with her game, When I heard that sentence, I suddenly sad, after all, you are a little girl, then lost your game Then lost your happiness Your northern man What about your Loulan Your peach blossom I will often pass Fudan outside the road, and sometimes will go in fidget cube how to use and see, but soon will come out, after all, less of your way that is just a red wall of the road reflection of the road, there are a lot of red walls.e, shouting Wow So late, brisk walking, can not catch the exam to. Then people ran out I really doubt that he practiced heaven and earth diversion, Ling Bo micro step Evil martial arts Poor I swallowed my saliva and went out. While catching up, while secretly swear in this life no longer fidget cube how to use with him to buy books. Out of the bookstore, he suddenly called the sound thirsty, I want to buy water. Then went straight to the roadside a convenience store. Listen to him thirsty, I would like to immediately buy, but look at his movements so fast, but by him, the hearts of how much a little pleased I am also thirsty, he will give me a bottle of water, these days I take care of him with all my thoughts, and he should know how good I am to him, and I will not ask him how to repay me and take the initiative to buy me a bottle of water. So I am happy to stand at the convenience store waiting for him. After a few minutes he came out, saw his hands holding a bottle of unified orange and more, while the head and head to drink, while shouting to me Y.people all the food all eaten, Guo Jingming and Shi Tao is together to kill the bottle of red pepper, I can not eat spicy, With chopsticks to pick a little on the mouth, immediately spicy tears crossed, the nose mad fly, lips red, panting, Guo Jingming and Shi Tao looked at laughing at me, that meal was not bustling, especially Guo Jingming, no The first day of silence, but energetic dance to tell us about his story, and yesterday that bow to walk, look gloomy people completely different people. Eat rice, I just ready and Guo Jingming to Fudan University, received Tong Tong phone What are you doing Just eat fidget cube how to use a good meal. What are you doing in the afternoon And Xiao Guo went to Fudan University to turn. You do not play with me. Is not that just coming You have been with him all day long. What a day, half a day only, you do not exaggerate okay Well, anyway, you are not good for me, ignore you Tong Tong finished put the phone hung up. Mad me It is simply unreasonable, vexatious Well, just blame you usually spoiled, and today do not.

Fidget Cube How To Use are not casually can be a person to stop, your boyfriend will be very fidget cube how to use scary after the future. I m thinking about this boy I ll have it I dare you Everyone told strangers that I was the most talented girl. really I sometimes think about it maturing, sometimes just a child. Like in the friend s favor I will feel very safe. L is the school I play the best boys, very buddies, like boys and girls can be very good, but never become a girlfriend. He wanted to cry when the first call me, told me that he was in a bad mood, and then talk to the evening a little more. me too. I feel bad, because of Guo s thing. He met, and wanted me and Guo and good, he knew fidget cube how to use I wanted that kind of boy, let me stop. He hit my head, said the sentence You are sick Then said to throw me in the bucket so that I think clearly. I said that if I am now fidget cube ebay uk under the net bad mood you want to buy ice cream for me to eat, to the vat. He said I do not like that, you want to feel good chocolate you how much I want to buy much. My dad said I was not spoiled by him, although.easonable, said turned his face to fall, and both sides of the Mito, Guo Jingming always said behind her ill. In addition, temper, character is also very bad, thousands of people scolded, people accused, live quite useless, in short, is the whole body is shortcomings even if it is, her letter actually innocence to say my ex girlfriend boy, said she How naive is ridiculous, with a mentally handicapped like. Mail, she also vowed to say before and my contacts all negative, denied to completely forgotten. And she will be hard work, one day we will step on the foot of our people in Shanghai in her eyes, actually thought I was Shanghai. Limited to her mail content is too much, here I do not see for everyone. To tell the truth, I can tolerate Xu Jing for any life attack, even if she said are wrong but I absolutely can not tolerate her accused Tong children half, even if she is right. I know her Xu Jing in the quarrel talent, she sarcastic skills world unparalleled, but how can she raise her friends knife And indiscriminate It was too m.

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