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Fidget Cube Features ours, Yan song and with the latest post I live in the south of today s physical education class when I sit on the playground tree under a fidget cube features man see Su Tong Of the north of the city , and later school, and many people are gone, I am a person in a very quiet playground fidget cube features and then see, and later died in the coal field, and then I cried. I am very sad, in order to health, in order to Mei Qi, in order to Jinhong, there are other north of the city. Of course, just depressed a little only, to the evening when I began to be very happy and my friends singing on the road in the road, singing others look fidget cube features endless. I actually face does not change color, for this, I always fidget cube features thought it was my specialty. P then come here, see you, find the desktop toys fidget cube fidget cube features really depressed people of the rally, and are so fidget cube features inexplicable relationship, I put this idea on a grass, he began to say four dimensions. Oh nice We have become a small group. A grass, I really do not know and you talk about what I do not know anything about it, and I will not think you will be fine for fidget cube features my word., metamorphosis. I raised the little squirrel carefully, and gave the name of the black four dimensional, white that only named thinking. I said to the four dimensional and thinking good brother, good sister, we are now together, and never will be separated. From April to June 2001, happiness was far more than that. I and Tong Tong s feelings are increasingly deep, I found myself deeply in love with this beautiful, kind hearted Shanghai girl, her many moves touched me and even shocked once we went to the Communist Youth Forest Park play, play with children The child suddenly took a leaf from the ground, and she said that if I could throw it on the tree, it would prove that we could be together forever. After her hands together, eyes closed, pray for the day for a while, and then struggling to throw to the tree. The results of course did not throw up, Tong Tong quickly said no, to re over, the results of the re ten times, all did not throw up, the last child child anxious, Tong Tong side of anxious while pulling my arm forced sha.

ing for my comfort. Open the power, dial up Internet, kitten bustling called a Huan, received, the screen shows a new message, send the person named Guo Jingming , the message called sorry. Perhaps waiting for too long, the heart is cold, really wait until this moment but not too much excitement, and even produced a rebellious, as if confused, I almost with a mocking mood opened the letter, the letter is still very short A grass brother I was wrong, I misunderstood you, you can forgive me I should not be so impulsive to say to you those words, we can do friends No matter how, I still love you love you as a friend of my life. I am so silly Oh, but these are true words. Fourth dimension March 16, 2001 Tears, and slowly flow down. In 2001, I was not strong, flowing a full year of tears, and his two letters were just a beginning. I sat in front of the computer, innocently looked at, if the chicken, but the hearts of flavors and taste. Yes, he apologized to me, he knew misunderstood me, I finally innocent , and he said he still love.isely, is surprised me Of course not I trust the brother is a small A, you Well, only row second you do not happy Oh, it s amazing. I naturally will not because of this sentence is not happy, I have not BT to a man and another man jealous of the points on the battles. I know he said this little A who, almost Guo Jingming published in the banyan tree in each article will be mentioned in this small person called A. If a person always in his own work repeatedly mentioned the same person, and all with a large section of ink to the front rendering of this person, then this person in what he means Lovers idol Comrades totem You will certainly be puzzled, this small A in the end who is it How did he let Guo Jingming admire the five body cast Even better than the excellent can not be excellent Guo Jingming also excellent times many times From Guo Jingming s text, we can easily see that the small A fidget cube features is Guo Jingming alumni, high his session, is a very smart head, learning absolutely partial Branch, the ability to absolutely super guy why d.and again, our friendship is also increasingly strong, this is really a very good phenomenon. I and Guo Jingming match imitate Anne baby And N literary youth, Anne baby was once my favorite, this sentence sounds somewhat ambiguous, but in 2000 we say this sentence when it is so proud, proud to be like in the party Declaration, this than my four year old Ningbo woman with its unique text, exquisite content, extraordinary and easy to capture a large group of tender soul, she like a godmother control of the end of the century countless young men and women of the spirit and emotions , Accept their praise and tears. Anne baby has become a lot of people in the hearts of an export, through her fabricated stories, a lot of petty bourgeoisie, quasi petty bourgeoisie and pseudo petty bourgeois re understanding and defined themselves. So Anne baby became a business card, became a connector, and even became the key to open each other heart pain. At the end of the century, the depths of the hearts of the people are somewhat desperate complex.

Fidget Cube Features also the kind of sympathetic emotions, with the current fashion is called the third type of emotion. Teacher Li, sorry I misunderstood you, you do not blame me, people are not sensible. And Guo Jingming high density, high intensity exchanges fidget cube qoo10 for some time, I suddenly had a hallucination I have not become the best friend of Guo Jingming. Note that I am here using the illusion , rather than intuition, feeling, or any other feel. Many years later, I look back at my original idea, feel too naive, too ridiculous friends. I said earlier, Guo Jingming is no best, only better. He will always have his own pursuit of the recent goal. Then first go back, then, I did produce this illusion, I and Guo Jingming is the best friend, and I so customize a bit, fidget cube features and feel very real, very comfortable. So, on the QQ I am passionate to ask Guo Guo, I am not your most trusted, the best brothers. I am full of thought that he will fidget cube features be the same as the previous N times to answer me, laughing and said Yes, yes ah. But this time his answer let me down, no, prec.I desire to be happy to laugh, is the kind of sincere smile, I long for my Good brother fourth dimension came to Shanghai as early as last year, I sent him to the Nanyang model middle school, see a lot of parents and a lot of students, see a beautiful girl, I remember that day the weather is gloomy, , My mother at home waiting for me, I looked at the fourth dimension into the examination room, I saw the beautiful girl into the examination room, I know I should go home. Yan song, you still a little girl, a real child, I look at your words, imagine your eyes in the rain and love, I know that time I will be drunk. Casually wrote so much, the first time, but as if very familiar, you will not be surprised, right Now time is 1 16 pm 1 18, I knocked on these words, supreme treasure has to give up Zixia, all sinking is about to begin. Have time to write me E, happy A grass December 28, 2001 Let me surprise is that Yan song soon gave me a reply. Even more surprising is that she is actually Sichuan, is reading high school, also ready to p.

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