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Fidget Cube Europe n to a few large chimneys fidget cube europe and low dilapidated plant, the uninhabited, next to the fidget cube logo factory is the East China Sea, after the East China Sea is said to be Japan The Excuse me, is this still in Shanghai In the factory, my job is the porters every morning the workshop production needs of the original, accessories and packaging materials from the warehouse to the workshop, and then the afternoon and then finished the production of finished products to the warehouse, so back fidget cube europe and forth. Do not live as long as do not kill the arson, love Gansha on what Gansha. The workers in the factory are locals, they say that when the local dialect, I do not understand a sentence. So in the factory for three months, I was not exhausted, but almost bored to death. I seem to return to the last century 80 s, oh no, it should be 70 years. The only consolation is the factory never to work overtime, so I was able to go to the banyan tree part time weekend, riding a bike ride in the bright red Shanghai area, carrying a shoulder bag into the modern fashion of.lationship between the past few years, after all, get along for several years, On the upcoming separation, and then cold blooded people will not give up. So we began to eat a variety of names frequently scattered rice, before eating excitement, eating excitement, after eating crying. In the graduation break up this matter, relative to the students almost crazy excitement, my attitude will have to be much more rational, although the flow of a lot of tears, but definitely not make trouble, not like some guys by worry about alcohol and then drink Drunk into the kettle to the downstairs also feel that this behavior is very chic. I am quiet reading, writing, and child boy love, as I have to write a small Guo Xiaoxiao mial. I tried to keep this calm to the graduation day, and then quietly bid farewell to my student career. But, my little wish is still soon to be broken, at the beginning of June, I suddenly received the company personnel phone, let me immediately start internship. Although I am a thousand reluctantly, but also helpless.

not be a bit embarrassing in the past Think for a moment, I decided to the past, perhaps for me is very embarrassing things to him is not the case, he does not care, why do I have to scruple so much I went up and greeted him, and saw that he had no thoughts to speak, and had to fidget cube europe stand beside him silently. I am uncomfortable occasion, a high suddenly came over, this high wearing sunglasses, keep a long yellow hair, I looked very familiar, but will not remember where the moment seen. Gao went to Guo Jingming in front of him and chatted a few words, and then said to me I give you about this, this is Gan Shi Jia, the third new concept first prize, this is a grass, my good friend. I fidget cube europe remembered that this person is the last year in the Nanyang model secondary school new concept entrance to see the door that person, that is, the reputation of the past two years gorgeous beauty. So a few people chatted for a fidget cube thinkgeek while, and finally I think it is boring, then to Guo Jingming farewell, he did not retain, said he would like to stay later, and Zho.s well as some friends of literary works. fidget cube tech insider And I know to write a good friend of the article is not a lot, so he wrote a letter to ask Guo Guiming to help me recommend a few people, reply, Guo Jingming said to me a brief introduction to his friend Xia Xu, known as this folklore never under him , As follows A grass, I give you recommend my friend Little Xu, is the banyan tree thinking one dimension. She was my pen pal, and later my friends, and then what is my what later. We are like each other, her words are more glamorous than me, but she is not how to write things online, and occasionally give me an article to comment on what. I will ask her to fidget cube europe help you write your website. In order to prove that the small essay is excellent, he even picked the comments at both ends of the article 1. Thinking about living about life elsewhere They say you are mature is the coffee in the dip of the C major I shook my head say coffee is just a song of your thought spread a heavy bitterness they say you are gorgeous I shook my head said gorgeous aft.ere are too many small and no small pain in life, not to find some smoke, find a few straw can be wiped out, a person fidget cube europe standing in front of the window to see the black sky clouds filled with cool atmosphere, it is also kind A good way to heal, or listen to a few paragraphs dulcimer, imagine the rain beat banana, cherry or the same red. I do not like to smoke, I still say so. And Anne is a too turbulent soul, a beautiful and unobtrusive water illusion, the darkness of the burning flowers in full bloom in the lonely, a lot of time is the day under the sun can not simulate the flowers. commented to Anne about smoking In fact, the number of comments on the number of their own is not important to comment on the quality of the level is not important, it is important that five years ago, we use such a rather spring snow way, you can give each other a lot of power and flogging, relative to the next few years , More so called young writers mock between each other and malicious slander, our behavior is so beautiful and kind. And again.

Fidget Cube Europe , can not find a little north, strongly felt this article structure messy, text jumping great, less a lot of plain warm story, more Some cold and pale the hard truth, that is not like he has always maintained a very kind and very sad style, more of a pioneer or experimental atmosphere. Is it possible to participate in new concept in such an article I reply, first, as always praise the meal, and then asked the hearts of the question why should this write Why are you so confident that this article can stand out from the tens of thousands of entries into the finals Guo Jingming soon reply to answer my question. Guo Jingming told me that he was so self confident is not because of blind arrogance, he was the past two years all the finals of the works are carefully studied, and found that the vast majority of works in the text structure and language form are very innovative, That is, the new concept of the judges of this relatively vanguard of the text is very interested in, can be said to like the form is greater than the content, Anne baby works. I do not know why a man can write from the style to the content are infinitely close to Anne baby novel, this man is only a year only 18 years old kid actor. I only know that Guo Jingming he did not bragging, his imitation ability is indeed super, he can easily put a person s work Paoding Jie Niu like to open, style to style, content to the content, text to the text, structure to the structure And then choose one or more of their own to be unlimited copy, combined into fidget cube europe a completely different new works this feature is not everyone can learn, need talent and a lot of reading experience. Fortunately, later days, he maintained his own expertise, and personally, will carry forward. Sadly, he overestimated his own specialty and was indulgent. Playing with fire self immolation, the extremes of the truth he did not understand. Of course, these are words later. Said that year, in short, I lost, convinced. In fact, I would also like to play with him to see who imitate Su Tong novel imitation more like, I dare.

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