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Fidget Cube Bulk of graduation, no one can be very easy. Shi Tao said he is now crazy to play the interstellar because he was afraid of graduation and then no chance to touch this favorite game, he is now all the behavior just to forget the memorial. He can not change the life and fate, so can only change their own, he did not want to leave too much memories, just want to stay in the years and interstellar intimate and then close, more than a dream. Shi Tao s words make me feel terrible, all the time, I think he is illiterate, but now he can actually like a poet to say such a beautiful and incisive words, we will be described in the fear of the most vividly. Just Shi Tao s words also make me more sad, so I lay in front of the computer beat up, spent more than three hours out of the article longer and more pessimistic mail, may be prepared to send Guo Jingming, I suddenly thought Why should I tell my own grievances my good friend and let him worry fidget cube bulk about me too He is now learning to bear so heavy, how can I let him distract him so happy I can, then the first feeling is a little familiar with the text style, In some places the expression of skills like Yan song, but more beautiful than the song, more vivid. Also did not think, after all, for me, Guo Jingming can write a novel, after all, is a new thing, I also returned to the mail said a lot of praise it. However, after reading this novel did not a few days, on Guo Jingming copy of the rumors of the song on the spread out, it seems, should be written for Guo Jingming this magic city. So I immediately Magic City and then read out again, more determined the original judgment style similar, fidget cube bulk how could it be plagiarism At first online accused of Guo Jingming copy of the reasons for the song, although a bit ridiculous, but not too much, meaning that Guo Jingming never write the kind of style of the novel, why see the song after the text of the big change it And become and the song has matured the same style Which even a lot of ethereal and elegant sentences and Yan song novels are the same or similar, not to mention G.

uo Jingming has been in the artificial to write their own small youth prose, why now write magic novels at once it Perhaps the content of this novel is also the song, but he listened to the song after talking to take over, so the combination of these two points, is plagiarism. With the advance of time, accusations of fidget cube copy fidget cube bulk people more and more, and the voice more and more ugly, to the last is not a simple text to fidget cube bulk discuss, and more is the personality of the attack and criticism. A lot of people filled with indignation made me feel puzzled, because there is no need for this, ah, Guo Jingming even offended the song also do not need you so angry, right It is no wonder that Guo Jingming wrote to me that this is someone who carefully planned a retaliation for him, it is likely that he usually offended on the Internet who, or fidget cube bulk even we may be familiar with the The arrangement of friends. At first I laughed Guo Jingming too much heart, but with the deterioration of the situation I have to believe that his judgment is likely to be true. Rivers a.nd his neck looked around, and finally found that he was standing in the car the last face, a small body was almost crushed , His hands are tightly holding a small steel column 2001 Shanghai old bus there are many such steel column , no matter how people around the squeeze, no matter how bumpy the car, anyway, holding the pillars, Head down, face expressionless, eyes showing a trace of fear, his face becomes more pale, like a helpless little old man, no matter how turbulent life, stick to their own small piece of land, waiting for the day Open and sunset. He is so helpless, so lonely, so poor I suddenly felt very distressed, that moment, really want to rush past, hold him, protect him, let him be hurt by any. But I finally did not do so, if I glorify the day to embrace a man, others do not take me as a neurological disease strange. Moreover, the car is too much, moving no law move, so I can only look at him, the heart is full of guilt. I do not know how long boil, the car finally arrived, and get off after I went to the back, but also well known. How do you know the famous trouble Are you famous Cut, did not eat pork have not seen pig run ah. If that is the case, but if I choose, I still choose well known, trouble what. I m not famous, I m afraid of trouble. Oh, no matter so much, anyway, the next time I go to Shanghai you will take me to banyan turn, it s best to see Anne. Absolutely no problem, although the banyan tree has a nausea that editors are not allowed to bring people under the banyan tree to visit, but even if I quit, but also to go with you just can not see Anne I could not, Listen to the people who said she had little work, but I saw her today. Oh. Strange, how do you not ask me what about Anne I m not interested in this what about her Are not you not interested Well, really annoying. It s pretty good, it s like a woman. What do you mean Can I understand that she is ugly I did not think it was beautiful. In fact, I knew that. How did you know I do not know anyway, I know. Do not go around with you, talk about your recent stu.

Fidget Cube Bulk eties let me see on the line, hope you all go well. Those cold, I have been on the line, I hope you will always warm. Familiar with my details, please go to the summer solstice to see my story, I finally dare to say summer solstice is my story, I no longer have to hide the cowardly. But then I will still say that those stories are deceptive, are compiled, and I have no relationship. Or else, others will say that his story is copied. Those who hate me, please enjoy your carnival it Just if I fall, you should go to hate who So in order to make you something to do, I will not fall I do not want to Guo Jingming such feelings into the feelings of what to comment. A lot of things have not right or wrong, to see you from what point of view, with what mentality to see, is not it postscript For fidget cube marketing Guo Jingming, now is definitely a very good age, but also a very bad age. First look at the past few years to get the honor of Guo Jingming it 2003 annual sales of the annual best selling book Magic City 2003 China Forbes celebrity list 97 20.Like the grace of the phrase now lonely is to show you that person squandered. In such an era I still care about forever, silly right So I will be around the boys defined as friends friends. Home to see them or a person, very surprised, perhaps in everyone from a change when I look a bit special. Sent a photo to a friend, her roommate did not believe me fidget cube bulk or a person. That is not i got to college Is not someone chasing me, I have to promise I m not that kind of girl. That is very shallow. A grass, in your eyes what am I like How much do you know about me How much did fidget cube bulk you say to you Tell me okay Xu Jing February 16, 2001 Looked at this long, the statement a little messy, feeling very full of mail, my heart involuntarily heavy up. It seems that Guo Jingming s emotional life is much more than I imagined. At least, if Xu Jing said these are true, then you can know that the two of them actually did not really talk about love. And combined with all the clues, it is not difficult to come to this conclusion Guo Jingming and Xu Jing from t.

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