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Fidget Cube Before Christmas f somewhere in the instructions I should do, should not do anything, because of this, I now strongly desire and you bear the pain you are suffering. And the feelings of this winter and this spring, I have too many friends indulge in emotional problems can not extricate themselves, but you are still happy, because fidget cube buy your writing is very delicate, you can put your emotional pain and confusion expressed hearty dripping The I was very moved, from the heart of the moving, I can appreciate the love you can do nothing, remember Valentine s Day two days later, I and my girlfriend Tong Tong and Tong Tong friends eat KFC Wang Xiaojia, this person in My friend goodbye, Shanghai in a detailed description , his girlfriend s friend is a precocious person, since childhood as seen through life, she was only 18 years old, in fact, little girl mouth mouthful of words really far beyond her this Age girl s normal logic, really quite mature, but when talking about feelings, she also seemed so helpless and weak, and finally even a cry. The fact is immediately brush to see me. My feet could not help but stopped, hand pinch more tight. I looked back and found that the hands of the mouth of the monkey gown teacher is holding just that I see the bud chase over, my brain a hot, eyes a black, thought This is dead. You this classmate, thinking too bad, too bad moral, the school hard for you to buy so many books, you do not see, but to steal. Shallow mouth monkey cheek teacher is outraged, the voice of a large radius of ten kilometers Can hear. It s not stealing This is stealing, why is the library book less Because you have such a black sheep, hit you in, I know you want to do, really did not expect what I expected Mouth mouth gong cheating, his face flushed Speaking of saliva splash, the state did not let fidget cube before christmas her spy really sorry. I would like to argue what, but the throat has been completely unable to speak, let the mouth of the mouth of the monkey groom teacher surging to me on the political class, speak the truth of life, and finally I will fidget cube before christmas be sent to the school security.

in Shanghai to small and small Xu Take fidget cube before christmas over just around the corner. Now think about it, then really happy good happy. Love and the edge of pain Guo Jingming s first book fidget cube before christmas May 2001, also happened a happy event, but not my, but Guo Jingming. One day at noon, suddenly received Guo Jingming mail, the beginning is I want to book friends, congratulations to me. The letter as always, not long, the general meaning is he took a new concept after the first prize back to Sichuan not two days to receive the Shanghai Oriental Publishing Center, a self proclaimed Li s editor s phone, said willing to give him a book, The best of the novel, no to do collection, anyway, as long as the number of words enough to become. Guo Jingming immediately wrote his own two years to write a dozen articles, about 13 million words of the prose sent to each other, and then two days before they received this song editor replied, said the text review has been passed, is about to enter the production stage. He was very excited after listening, so hurry to tell me t.straight oriental pearl is lying in front of us, today s weather is very good, sunny, oriental pearl fidget cube before christmas in the sun and the Huangpu River water mapping, glittering. How, magnificent it. I am triumphantly, as if the Oriental Pearl is my home open. Ah. Guo Jingming almost all the head to explore the outside, However, the building seems fidget cube before christmas more spectacular, he muttered to himself. To the people square, I look at the time, 9 30. The first time and meet the song to be late, too no face. People Square is so big, people so much, where are they I sent a message to the clear fidget cube before christmas and was told that she was playing the water at the center of the square. Weirdo, are weirdo, big winter, play what is not good, but to play with water. I and Guo Jingming immediately ran toward the fountain. And then far fidget cube update to see the clear and another tall girl standing in the sun, his hands wet in the sun shaking. And so approached, I saw the girl and the side wearing a colorful dress, with a baby face, a pair of eyes bizarre, emitting amber blue, through this piece of blue.s iconic silence, do not know he is not blame me. Finally on the Bund, I used a fool camera to take a few pictures of Guo Jingming, counted as a tour, a lot of days later, I rinse out the photos and found that Guo Jingming standing in the clouds in general, face expressionless, like a unfeeling immortal. So my guilt is even greater. Xiao Guo, a few years later today, when you are familiar with every inch of land in Shanghai, do you remember, there have been personal happy to show you to see the Oriental Pearl Take a good picture, we are filled with grievances, decided to kill in advance to the Shanghai Bookstore, along the way Guo Jingming angrily I want to buy books, buy a lot of books, mad at me, the Oriental Pearl can not see. I bowed my head, blushing, the atmosphere did not dare out, like a serious mistake of the child. Soon rushed to the three fidget cube before christmas kilometers away from the Shanghai Bookstore. The door that moment, Guo Jingming eyes shine, breath heavier, open his hands, took his legs will be washed into the scared door security.

Fidget Cube Before Christmas ears after you will remember a night, there is a woman like you pull the cello to listen to you, and that song you have to remember, Bo Kailini down B Concerto. Listen to Karen Mok s love , you say you like, and so all the end, I found myself so sad, the woman had been singing for me. Will you imagine that I am now in tears I m afraid you will not, I never let you fidget cube before christmas feel that I m crying. After all, we are not fish and water. Fish said to the water you can not see my tears, because I am in the water. Water said to the fish I can feel your tears, because you are in my heart. I said to you you can not see my tears, because I am in the strong smile. I m afraid you are silent again. Like every time, when I tell you something seriously, you will only answer me with silence, leaving the infinite reverie. Time is hard to break back, space is easy to break. Broken space, as well as those small ambiguous small move, in the break away from the left bank but right when the time to prove that love had a cruel and then missed the goodbye. Ther.oes not leave me, I know this is very cheap, friends are scold me, but I really do not want to lose him ah. I did not sound, in fact, just the heart becomes more and more cold, getting cooler I listened quietly Xu Jing cry, and then hung up the phone. Day, getting cold, I put on a thick coat, walking in the ancient streets of Suzhou. Brother, thank you so many days to accompany me, I think I should go to him, no matter he did not accept me. Originally, Xu Jing did not forget Guo Jingming, but with the passage of time, his feelings more and more intense, for her, in front of all the efforts are still only self deception. Not only to deceive themselves, but also deceived me. We are like two clowns, jumping on the stage, the audience applause on the self righteous star, so think of fled, can escape to escape, but finally can not escape the owner s rope, escape the feelings of weaving three feet stage. So all of our efforts before are so funny. Do not you know Eastern undefeated No Inside the martial arts is the highest of the East.

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